Users are strongly recommended to manage these dependencies with the excellent Anaconda Python Distribution which provides easy access to all of the above dependencies and more.

shampoo works on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. It requires Python 3.5 or 2.7 (earlier versions are not supported) as well as the following packages:


shampoo depends on a package called pyfftw for speedy, multithreaded Fourier transforms, which is easy to install on Mac OS X and linux but may be tricky on Windows machines. We recommend that Windows users install pyfftw by doing the following steps via conda:

conda install -c salilab fftw
pip install pyfftw

Install shampoo

You can install the latest developer version of shampoo by cloning the git repository:

git clone

...then installing the package with:

cd shampoo
python install


If you want to check that all the tests are running correctly with your Python configuration, start up python, and type:

import shampoo

If there are no errors, you are good to go!


shampoo follows Astropy‘s guidelines for affiliated packages–installation and testing for the two are quite similar! Please see Astropy’s installation page for more information.